PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer accepting new students in the Class of 2022. We are currently accepting new students for Class of 2023 and beyond.
On My Way is providing 100% virtual college consulting during the time of COVID-19! Contact us for more details!

College Admissions for Cost Savvy Families

Worried about applying to college? Stressed about paying for it? You’re not alone, and we’re here to help.

Our approach is personalized, low-stress and student-centered. We encourage students to get past the hype and stay connected to themselves, so they can find and be admitted to colleges where they will thrive.

COVID-19 has brought many changes to higher education, and applying to college can be even more stressful in the face of uncertainties. Our team is working hard to stay abreast of the ongoing developments in college policies, applications requirements and campus life. We provide steady guidance to students and families as they navigate college admissions during a very unusual time!

On My Way College Consulting provides:

  • College planning for all 4 years of high school
  • Assistance developing a “best-fit” college list
  • Essay coaching and editing
  • Strategies for strong applications
  • Assessments and advice for selecting a college major
  • Structure for managing deadlines and requirements
  • Advice for maximizing financial aid and reducing costs
  • Guidance for adult, returning and transfer students.

About us

On My Way College Consulting LLC is based in Berkeley, California, with an additional consultant based in Seattle, WA. We provide individualized college admissions and financial aid consulting to students from the San Francisco Bay Area, the greater Seattle area, and around the world. more

Major Changes to the FAFSA Coming

In late December 2020, Congress passed the FAFSA Simplification Act, a 167 bill within the 5,593 page COVID-19 relief package. Making changes to the FAFSA is a huge task though. The FAFSA is an online form that feeds into a 27-page formula; its results guide 1,300 university employees in distributing federal and state aid to…
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