This page contains information for students who are no longer in high school. Go to this page for services for high school students.

Because needs are highly variable, we prefer to work with transfer and adult students on an hourly basis. (See definitions below.) On occasion, we are able to create customized flat-fee programs for students with very clear and tangible goals.

We offer a 15-minute consult call at no charge. In the initial call, we can discuss the basics of transferring or applying as an adult, assess your needs and determine if our services are right for you.


Transfer students fall into 2 primary categories:

  • Community college to 4-year college
  • 4-year college to 4-year college

For students in both groups, the decision to take the transfer path is highly personal! At On My Way, we understand the unique challenges and complex requirements of transferring, and will use our expertise to help you successfully reach your destination college.


(Typically defined as over age 25)

Think of going back to college after some time away? Or maybe this will be your first time applying? Many people make the decision to attend college later in life, and there are many schools which welcome adult students. But it can be difficult to know which school is right for you, and how much it will ultimately cost to achieve your desired degree. Our consultants will help you understand the options as well as the steps you need to take to reach your goal.