Majors and Careers services are designed to complement college consulting work. Students can start any time in high school. We also work with students up through early adulthood.

The Kickstart Program 

Designed for 9th and 10th graders

We advise Freshmen and Sophomores to be strategic during these foundational years, as everything they do in high school plays a role in college applications. In this program, we use strengths, values, and interest assessments as a jumping off point to help students gain self-awareness and begin to envision possible  career paths for their future. We then begin to formulate a framework for their high school experience, identifying ways they can use courses and extracurriculars to further explore their areas of strength and passion, and position themselves as a strong college applicant.  


  • 3 meetings 
  • Customized assessments and exercises to support self-discovery 
  • Majors/Careers Summary Report 

The Career Pathways Program 

Designed for 11th and 12th graders 

Juniors building their college lists benefit from more clarity around potential majors. In this program, we use  assessments and exercises to better understand the student’s strengths, values, interests, and goals. We then take a deeper dive into possible careers and corresponding areas of study, to help the student narrow  down the selection of a major for upcoming applications. We also work on opening the student’s personal voice for college essay writing. This program can expand on the work from the Kickstart Program, or be a fresh start for students who begin in 11th grade.  


  • 2-3 meetings (dependent on completion of the Kickstart Program) 
  • Customized assessments and exercises to support self-discovery 
  • Sample college roadmaps for specific majors/careers 

Student Coaching 

Designed for 9th grade through young adults 

We provide support for the student who needs extra help navigating their high school and college experiences. Our life coach serves as a sounding board for young people, an empathetic listener and a non-judgmental yet realistic advisor. With a focus on student advocacy and empowerment, we use collaboration tools to develop a framework toward future independence.  


Laura Francis is a certified college and career counselor specializing in career coaching. She is passionate about helping teens and young adults tap into self-discovery and career and major exploration in preparation for what’s ahead. She believes that investing time in self-discovery helps teens make a successful transition from dependents to independent contributors. She also believes in the value of career exploration while in high school and leading into the college  admissions process.

We also offer College Consulting.