“I strongly believe that much of the success I have had as an applicant is due to Nicole and On My Way Consulting. From editing essays, answering questions, and just being a strong network of support, Nicole has made the extremely frustrating and difficult process of college applications tolerable. She allows you to submit applications you feel proud of, and offers support through other tedious but necessary things like financial aid. I strongly recommend On My Way to anyone who is approaching the college application process!”
– a student

“Our family could not possibly be happier with On My Way Consulting! Having a private college counselor removed me and my husband 100% from the stresses of the college application process, and allowed us to preserve our excellent relationship with our son (who is easily stressed out!). It was unbelievably helpful to have an expert telling our kid exactly what he needed to do and when, so we never had to nag him…not even once! Nicole was able to peak our son’s interest in schools that he turned down when WE recommended them. She made the process fun and enjoyable for our boy, and we are SO very grateful. Nicole is knowledgeable, kind, professional and has a keen understanding of the adolescent mindset. Our daughter is a freshman in high school and we have already booked her spot with On My Way Consulting, for February of her Junior year! I think that this service is worth every penny.”
– Ellen, parent

“I don’t know how we would have survived this process without Nicole. She was invaluable in guiding us and our child, and making sure tasks were accomplished. She made this process so much less stressful than it could have been. I highly recommend this service! I already signed my younger child up.”
– a parent

“Nicole was incredibly patient, organized and encouraging. Our daughter always left her meetings very happy and calm and with a plan of action that was not too overwhelming for her. Little steps really helped her to achieve her goal of applying to all of her colleges early.”
– a parent

“My son was very confused about his future.  As parents, we were freaked out. Nicole saved the day. She spoke to our son on his level, helped him figure out what he really wanted, and gave him a host of options that fit his vision. She stayed with him through the whole process, being both the voice of the young and the sensible voice of those of experience. Wow. Elegant and sensitive. Thank you so much!!”
– Frank, parent

“Nicole was instrumental in providing a sense of comfort and calm to my daughter in the beginning of the process and ultimately was the very best resource I could ever imagine having in our pocket. Her ability to ascertain what my daughter was seeking and cull it down to a variety of schools that fit her professional aspirations, as well as her social desires, led us to supreme success with the schools Nicole suggested and her subsequent success rate of acceptance. You could do no better, that much I assure you.”
– Jonathan, parent

“I just want to let you know how much we appreciate Priscilla’s help and assistance. Despite a rocky start in high school, Max has now been admitted to multiple great schools and we look forward to visiting them this spring. We would not be at this happy point without Priscilla. Her role in helping Max has been invaluable to our entire family.”    – Susan, parent

“When I first came to Nicole, I had no idea where to even start looking for schools. All I knew about college was that you choose a school, write an essay, apply, and hope you get in. Nicole helped me set up a timeline with all of the things I wouldn’t have even thought to do. She reviewed my essays and answered my questions. She even found schools that I had never heard of before, and she helped me find the school of my dreams. I honestly would not be where I am today without her.”
– Analiese, student

Yvonne-HomeSlider-crop1“The fact that 2 years after I’ve graduated high school and I am still in contact with my high school college counselor on a regular basis says a lot about not only the bond that I was able to build with Nicole, but also about her commitment to my education. I honestly wouldn’t have gotten through the stress of finding financial aid if it wasn’t for her. I never in a million years would expect to be able to pay for college on my own, and Nicole was and continues to be there for me to remind me that there are always options. I feel like I have gotten very lucky in having Nicole as a support system. Whenever I have a question about anything, and I mean anything related to college, I know 100% of the time that I can count on her to help me find an answer. I doubt that many students are able to create the bond with their college counselor that Nicole and I have. Thank you Nicole for your kindness, comprehension, but most of all your commitment. I can truly say that while at UC Berkeley, it has been a huge weight off my shoulders knowing that I have the ability to talk to someone who has known me for years about the things in college that worry me the most. You’re the best!”
– Yvonne, student

“Elliott is very impressed with you (we both are!) and is motivated to do the work that you ask. Thank you for your kindness and consideration and professionalism – it goes a long way towards inspiring a teenager!”
– Carol, parent

“Priscilla’s extensive experience supporting students with early college planning and admission consulting has been extremely helpful for our family. She is dedicated to helping your student find the best-fit college… the school that is the best fit for their personality, goals, and interests. Priscilla is serious about getting to know you and your student, so she can help your student find (and get into!) the best school for them. She is upfront about rates and services and is flexible and honest about what you need to engage her for every step of the way. I highly recommend Priscilla to help you and your student navigate the stressful process of college planning, applications and assisting with the important financial aid strategy.”     – Kelly, parent

“If you are looking for a professional, thorough and accessible college counselor for your high school student, we highly recommend On My Way. They helped our senior pinpoint what kind of experience and college was best suited to her personality and academic history. Their focus on our daughter’s goals and frequent check ins made the college search painless and exciting for all of us. My daughter finished most of her applications BEFORE putting turkey in her mouth! YIPEE!”
– Kathleen, parent

“There is no way in hell I would’ve survived last year’s trials and deadlines without your assist and calm steady guidance, If it weren’t for your help, I would’ve torn my hair out. Do tell parents to get a notebook… it saved me.  That, and knowing you were there with us every step of the way.”     – Susan, parent 

“Priscilla has been working with my son and I for the past year (starting in Sophomore year) and she has provided us with excellent advice as it pertains to high school class selection, extracurricular activity impact, ideas for internships over the summer, and appropriate college selection based on grades/test scores. She has provided us a measure of confidence in our decision-making as we navigate the complexities of today’s college preparedness activities. We will certainly be retaining her services as we enter into the application process with final test scores and GPA in hand. Thank you so much, Priscilla!!!”     – Jill, parent