“Our family could not possibly be happier with Nicole and On My Way Consulting! Having a private college counselor removed me and my husband 100% from the stresses of the college application process, and allowed us to preserve our excellent relationship with our son (who is easily stressed out!). It was unbelievably helpful to have an expert telling our kid exactly what he needed to do and when, so we never had to nag him…not even once! Nicole was able to peak our son’s interest in schools that he turned down when WE recommended them. She made the process fun and enjoyable for our boy, and we are SO very grateful. Nicole is knowledgeable, kind, professional and has a keen understanding of the adolescent mindset. Our daughter is a freshman in high school and we have already booked her spot with On My Way Consulting, for February of her Junior year! I think that this service is worth every penny.”    – Ellen, parent

“Priscilla was instrumental in helping our granddaughter navigate the college application process. She provided excellent advice, helpful handouts and quality resources for financial aid. Working with her was seamless. She was very accessible for follow-up questions and her expansive knowledge of the academic options for students, combined with her candor and experience make working with her an exercise in success.”  – Karen, parent

“My daughter had an excellent experience working with Julie. Julie’s patience and compassion were exactly what my daughter needed to help calm her anxiety and emotions around the college application process. Julie provided much more than just knowledge and expertise about the process; she was a calm and caring adult who helped guide my daughter through both the logistical and emotional experience of the college admission process. We were thrilled that my daughter was accepted into her top choice college. I cannot recommend Julie highly enough!”         – Yvonne, parent

“There is no way in hell I would’ve survived last year’s trials and deadlines without your assist and calm steady guidance, If it weren’t for your help, I would’ve torn my hair out. Do tell parents to get a notebook… it saved me.  That, and knowing you were there with us every step of the way.”     – Susan, parent 

“There are so many wonderful things about working with Priscilla — her darn near encyclopedia knowledge of the college admissions process, her thoroughness — but what we appreciated most is that she didn’t want to turn our son into something he wasn’t in order to gain acceptance into schools. She wanted our son to be seen for who he authentically is. It was his voice, his interests, his accomplishments. We knew this was Priscilla’s approach and it’s a large part of why we chose her. But what surprised us is that during this experience, our son gained even more confidence. He felt in control of his process. When he got into a school he wanted, he would celebrate. When he didn’t, he took it in stride because he believed in himself. To us, this was more valuable than anything. The college application process can be overwhelming, especially to the kids. It can be fraught with so much self doubt, no matter where your child stands on the academic ladder. And often there is no rhyme or reason as to why they get into one school and not another. What a gift to let these kids know that they are enough, as they are now.”      – Anne, parent

“Julie Mozena was an absolutely amazing college counselor for our daughter. She was applying to undergraduate music programs and while she didn’t need help with the music aspect of her applications, she did need guidance on how to research the best schools, how to prepare (and not procrastinate), writing her essay, and how to not become too overwhelmed. Julie sent timely email reminders with very specific and helpful instructions on what to do and when. It was so nice to have Julie nagging our daughter and not us! Also, when there were a few times that our daughter needed parental involvement, Julie did an excellent job of filling us in without roping us in. Our daughter completed the applications and essays on her own with Julie’s help, and the outcome for us couldn’t have been more fantastic. We highly recommend Julie and On My Way Consulting for any soon-to-be graduate! ”  — Rachel, parent

“I can’t even thank you enough for everything you have done for me. Through this process, I have been grateful to have you by my side not only helping me with my essays but being a mentor and believing in me in a time when as a student you doubt your self worth constantly. Your email to us yesterday shows how very special you are from most college counselors. Not only do you help us with the process but you have such a humanistic way of approaching it and caring about us individually. It has been so reassuring to have gone through this with you.”       – Emma, student

“Priscilla was thorough, diligent, and professional. With over 6,000 colleges in the US, even knowing where to start can be daunting. Priscilla has a very effective system that helped my son narrow down a group of schools to contact and ultimately visit based on a number of variables, preferences, and his test scores. Even when my son would procrastinate the to-do items on his college search list, Priscilla would persistently, yet gently nudge him to stay on course. This was much appreciated. I own my own business so I especially appreciate that Priscilla did what she said she’d do, always. This pretty much epitomizes our experience.”  – Roger, parent

“Julie was a life saver. The feedback she gave on my college application essays was always so detailed so I knew exactly what I was missing or needed to add. My best college essays are the ones she helped me with. She put so much time and effort into helping me apply to schools and I honestly couldn’t have done it without her!”  Caitlin, student

“My son and I worked with Priscilla on his college applications, essays, and focusing on the best schools based on his grades and SAT scores. Priscilla took my son’s interests and where and what schools he wanted to apply to. She offered great insight on additional things my son could and needed to optimize his last year of high school. Priscilla was helpful on all accounts and worked directly with my son to get everything done on time and even early. She took something that I thought would be a daunting experience and made it easy. I felt like my son was her only client because she was quick to respond and spent the time needed to answer all our questions. She steadied our nerves through the whole process. We will definitely use Priscilla again when my daughter heads to college in the next couple of years. My only regret is not hiring her sooner, ideally when my son was going into 10th grade instead of at the end of his junior year.”  – Jim, parent

“I want to begin by saying that I’m completely blessed to receive the support from you throughout the entire college application process. The difference you had on my essays, approach to college choices, and etc. really changed my whole viewpoint on the college admissions system. I gained so much knowledge along the path that I was able to choose the college that was right for me. Thank you for always pushing me on my essays- I can almost remember having at least 6-8 revisions for each college draft! You made me a more articulate writer and you definitely made me gain more self-confidence. Words can’t describe my gratitude for your help, but I just wanted to let you how much your help has meant to me!”    – Veeresh, student

“My son was very confused about his future.  As parents, we were freaked out. Nicole saved the day. She spoke to our son on his level, helped him figure out what he really wanted, and gave him a host of options that fit his vision. She stayed with him through the whole process, being both the voice of the young and the sensible voice of those of experience. Wow. Elegant and sensitive. Thank you so much!!”  – Frank, parent

“Julie was an asset in my application process. Her kindness, positive attitude, and astute guidance helped me craft essays that were not only well written but true to who I am. She was a pleasure to work with – always quick with responses, and eager to aid me in this stressful journey.”   – Jasmine, student

“Priscilla was instrumental in helping our granddaughter navigate the college application process. She provided excellent advice, helpful handouts and quality resources for financial aid. Working with her was seamless. She was very accessible for follow-up questions and her expansive knowledge of the academic options for students, combined with her candor and experience make working with her an exercise in success.”  – Karen, parent

“Nicole was key in providing a sense of comfort and calm to my daughter in the beginning of the process and ultimately was the very best resource I could ever imagine having in our pocket. Her ability to ascertain what my daughter was seeking and cull it down to a variety of schools that fit her professional aspirations, as well as her social desires, led us to supreme success with the schools Nicole suggested and her subsequent success rate of acceptance. You could do no better, that much I assure you.”    – Jonathan, parent

“I just want to let you know how much we appreciate Priscilla’s help and assistance. Despite a rocky start in high school, Max has now been admitted to multiple great schools and we look forward to visiting them this spring. We would not be at this happy point without Priscilla. Her role in helping Max has been invaluable to our entire family.”    – Susan, parent

“Being a college counselor of so many students that are at different stages with different needs is no easy feat. Julie took the time to learn about how to support my daughter, who has ADHD, and was patient, firm, and organized during the whole process. She also gave us much insight about things we hadn’t thought of. So much has changed since my husband and I applied for college. I am so grateful that we chose to hire Julie to get my daughter through this grueling and complicated experience!”             – Gauri, parent

“When I first came to Nicole, I had no idea where to even start looking for schools. All I knew about college was that you choose a school, write an essay, apply, and hope you get in. Nicole helped me set up a timeline with all of the things I wouldn’t have even thought to do. She reviewed my essays and answered my questions. She even found schools that I had never heard of before, and she helped me find the school of my dreams. I honestly would not be where I am today without her.” – Analiese, student

“Priscilla worked with my daughter for her college application and she is a wonderful mentor for a young girl that needs to build up her strength and confidence. My daughter emailed her and talked to her before we went for an in person meeting. You can always expect a fast response from her for your questions and we are grateful for all the advice and help she provided to us during this stressful period of time!  – Jennifer, parent

“I can honestly say that I would have struggled much more throughout the college essay process if it weren’t for Julie’s help. I went through many rounds of editing and revision with her (a process that I wasn’t very used to), and received direct, specific feedback and suggestions. She really worked to understand MY vision for my essays and gave me the tools and knowledge about writing them to get there. She’s also amazing at helping students be clear and concise, making sure they completely respond to the unique prompts of each school. Best of all, Julie really cares about her students and becomes invested in the process, excitedly waiting with you for your eventual decisions.”       – Matthew, student

“Nicole – Elliott is very impressed with you (we both are!) and is motivated to do the work that you ask. Thank you for your kindness and consideration and professionalism – it goes a long way towards inspiring a teenager!”  – Carol, parent

“Priscilla’s extensive experience supporting students with early college planning and admission consulting has been extremely helpful for our family. She is dedicated to helping your student find the best-fit college… the school that is the best fit for their personality, goals, and interests. Priscilla is serious about getting to know you and your student, so she can help your student find (and get into!) the best school for them. She is upfront about rates and services and is flexible and honest about what you need to engage her for every step of the way. I highly recommend Priscilla to help you and your student navigate the stressful process of college planning, applications and assisting with the important financial aid strategy.”     – Kelly, parent

“Working with my college coach Julie has been such a wonderful experience. The help she has provided with college essays and sending important updates are extremely helpful whether that be how to maneuver the common app website or how to fill out the FAFSA. On top of that, just knowing I have someone supporting me is a great feeling especially during the college application process. The encouragement she provides during stressful times with school is something that really motivated me when applying for college and scholarships.”          – Makayla, student 

“If you are looking for a professional, thorough and accessible college counselor for your high school student, we highly recommend Nicole. She helped our senior pinpoint what kind of experience and college was best suited to her personality and academic history. Her focus on our daughter’s goals and frequent check ins made the college search painless and exciting for all of us. My daughter finished most of her applications BEFORE putting turkey in her mouth! YIPEE!” – Kathleen, parent