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Beyond the FAFSA and Profile

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably already familiar with the two most common requirements when applying for financial aid, the FAFSA and CSS Profile. As if those two were not enough, some colleges even have additional requirements. That’s right. They might want more from you. As you may have guessed, the more selective the…
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The FAFSA and CSS Profile

Planning to apply for financial aid in college? Good! There is a lot of money available to decrease your costs – but you may have to apply for it.  I typically recommend that most college applicants apply for financial aid, even if you think you won’t qualify. First, it’s important to know that many colleges…
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How Important is the Priority Deadline for Financial Aid?

You may notice that some colleges give a “Priority Deadline” for applicants applying for financial aid. Most colleges put their Priority Deadline in January or February, but occasionally they will fall later. How important is it that you file before this date? Answer: VERY important, at least if you like free money. It’s important to…
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Visiting a Campus Without Leaving Home

As upcoming generations become more and more tech oriented, colleges are scrambling to find innovative ways to connect with prospective students. While the old ways of recruiting, like college fairs, mailings and high school visits are still going strong, a variety of new options are popping up, giving today’s teens some cool new ways to…
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Career Services – The New Rock Wall

In times gone by, colleges tried to attract students by pouring extra money into cool things like rock climbing walls and gourmet food services. But oh, how things have changed! With student loan debt climbing frighteningly high, savvy colleges are now rushing to improve their career services, with the goal of improving their graduates’ job…
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