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Advice from the Other Side

I asked students and parents to share their advice for students and parents about to begin the college admissions process. Who better to provide guidance than those who have just completed the journey? Here is some of the advice that they offered…. Advice from Students, for Students This may sound cliche, but stick to your own values…
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An (often) Overlooked Part of College Applications

As a college applicant, you will probably spend hours pouring over your essays and your apps, making lists of requirements and deadlines and studying diligently for tests. After all, you want to make sure everything you present to the colleges is as strong as it can be. But did you know that there is one important…
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3 Great Reasons to Choose a College

When we help Juniors build their college lists, we talk a lot about priorities. “What are your top priorities for your undergrad years? What factors matter most to you?” And it’s fascinating to see the range of responses we receive! And while we feel whole-heartedly that each student must keep their own priorities front and…
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What to do if you’re Boring

I have worked with a range of students from very diverse backgrounds. Some have overcome poverty, illness, abuse or the death of a parent. Others have had fortunate lives without major challenges. But regardless of their background, when it’s time to write their college essay, students who haven’t faced hardships are often jealous of the…
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6 Tips for an Awesome Campus Visit

I’m a big fan of campus visits – they are hands-down the best way to learn about a college. Most people start with the official campus tour, which is great. However, if you really want to make the most of your visit, the campus tour should just be the beginning. To truly maximize your time,…
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Your College Search: Beware of These Websites

With the abundance of college related websites available, it can be hard to know which are trusted sources. While many sites do exist to provide free, accurate, objective information, there are plenty of others that have alternative objectives. Called “lead generators,” the main purpose of these sites is to collect your personal contact information, which…
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