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3 Great Reasons to Choose a College

1. They have a strong program in your major College is not an isolated phase in life, but a steppingstone to a career.   The job world is competitive, so above all, your primary focus should be to attain the best preparation possible in your chosen field. The best colleges will not only offer excellent…
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3 Reasons Not to Choose a College 

1. Your friend/boyfriend/girlfriend goes there Moving away from home and joining a new community can be intimidating, so naturally many teens are drawn to colleges where they already know someone. It’s especially tempting when that person raves about their college and says, “I know you, and you would love it here!” Remember though, just because…
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6 Tips for an Awesome Campus Visit

I’m a big fan of campus visits – they are hands-down the best way to learn about a college. Most people start with the official campus tour, which is great. However, if you really want to make the most of your visit, the campus tour should just be the beginning. To truly maximize your time,…
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10 Ways to Demonstrate Interest in a College

Once you’ve determined that one or more of the colleges you are applying to consider demonstrated interest in admissions, how do you make sure they know you really want to go there? It’s easy – below are some of the ways I recommend! 1. Get on the mailing list – and READ the emails This…
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Demonstrated Interest – Your Secret Weapon in College Admissions

Colleges consider many factors when deciding which students to admit; grades, test scores and course work usually being the most important. But they also consider other factors to help decide between applicants of similar academic stature. One factor that an applicant actually has the most control over is DEMONSTRATED INTEREST. Many colleges consider it a…
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Email Tips for College Applicants

A piece of advice for students preparing to apply to college: Get on top of your email inbox – now. Everyone manages email differently. Some prefer a clean inbox, read everything immediately and quickly archive what they are done with. Others don’t mind having thousands of unread emails in their inbox. Whatever your preferences, as…
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Your College Search: Beware of These Websites

With the abundance of college related websites available, it can be hard to know which are trusted sources of information. While many sites do exist to provide free, accurate, objective information, there are plenty of others that have alternative objectives. Called “lead generators,” the main purpose of these sites is to collect your personal contact…
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