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Conquering the College Fair

Spring is here and it’s time for college fairs! At these events, representatives from dozens of colleges set up tables, hand out promotional material and make themselves available for interested students and parents. Some fairs also include information sessions about applying to college, financial aid and other related topics. College fairs are wonderful opportunities for…
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5 Unpredictable Factors in Admissions

A rejection letter, especially from one of your “match” or “safety” schools, can leave you scratching your head and wondering WHY?  Why was your classmate with similar grades admitted, while you were not? When dealing with the frustration of rejections, it’s helpful to keep in mind that there are some factors outside of your control. The Needs of the College…
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Making Sense of Award Letters

I have to be honest – this is my favorite time of the year. Not only because I get to see my students celebrate their acceptances, but also because I LOVE to evaluate financial aid award letters. Seriously. I wish that colleges were transparent in their award letters, but unfortunately most are not. Many of…
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Resisting the Frenzy – A Timely Reminder

As seniors collect acceptance and denial letters, and juniors are gearing up to dive into their college search, Frank Brunei from the New York Times parenting blog gives us a timely reminder that the college you attend does not define who you are. This is a highly recommended read for parents in the midst of (or about…
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Decision Time is Coming

March is an exciting time for seniors as college admissions decisions continue to roll in. Students all over the country are waiting with baited breath to learn where they might be heading in the fall. Parents are waiting to see just how much money each school is offering, hoping that their child’s top choice will…
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When To Begin College Planning

I went on numerous campus tours while I was visibly pregnant with my daughter, and always got the same comment from other parents: “Wow, you’re starting early!” They said it only half jokingly, as if they wouldn’t be entirely surprised to find that I really was beginning the college search for an unborn child. So…
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