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Demonstrated Interest – An Important Part of College Admissions

Colleges consider many factors when deciding who to admit. GPA, extracurriculars and test scores are typically the most important. However, most colleges consider many additional factors, including something called DEMONSTRATED INTEREST. This is essentially considered the likelihood that a student will attend, if they are admitted. Many private colleges consider it a major plus if…
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Conquering the College Fair

**NOTE: While this post was specifically written about in-person college fairs, most of the advice still applies to the newer virtual college fair format!** As a student planning to apply to college, you will likely hear about COLLEGE FAIRS. At these events, representatives from dozens of colleges set up tables, hand out brochures and chat…
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Why Community College Could Be the Best Choice You’ll Ever Make

I’ll let you in on a little secret – although most families hire me to help their student apply to 4-year colleges, I started MY college education at a community college. And it was the best choice I ever made. Had I tried to go straight to a 4-year college, I suspect it would have…
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Dog Days of Summer

So, here it is….August already, smack in the middle of the traditional dog days of summer – the days connected with heat, drought, sudden thunderstorms, lethargy, fever, mad dogs. But, for many, this is also the time of changing moods as students have tired of their summer activities and are ready for their next adventures.…
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Size Does Matter

When it comes to selecting a college, size does matter. Colleges in the US range from the very, very small (such as Prescott College in Arizona with less than 300 undergrads) to the very, very large (like Arizona State University with over 50,000 undergrads), with most falling somewhere in between. When building a college list,…
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Making Sense of Financial Aid Awards

I have to be honest – Spring is my favorite time of the year. Not only because I get to see students celebrate their acceptances, but also because I LOVE to evaluate financial aid award letters. Seriously. I wish that colleges were transparent in their award letters, but unfortunately most are not. Many of them…
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