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Conquering the College Fair

**NOTE: While this post was specifically written about in-person college fairs, most of the advice still applies to the newer virtual college fair format!** As a student planning to apply to college, you will likely hear about COLLEGE FAIRS. At these events, representatives from dozens of colleges set up tables, hand out brochures and chat…
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Dog Days of Summer

So, here it is….August already, smack in the middle of the traditional dog days of summer – the days connected with heat, drought, sudden thunderstorms, lethargy, fever, mad dogs. But, for many, this is also the time of changing moods as students have tired of their summer activities and are ready for their next adventures.…
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Volunteering: How to Make it Count

It’s no secret that colleges value community service and volunteering, and no surprise that most competitive applicants have tons of volunteering on their resumes. For this reason, families often seek guidance around community service. We are often asked what impresses colleges, or how much volunteering a student should do. “Should we pay for him to…
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Why High Income Families Should Submit FAFSA

I often hear families say, “We’re not bothering to submit FAFSA, because our income is too high to qualify for financial aid.” This stems from a common misconception about college financial aid: that it’s only available to students from low income backgrounds. The truth is, there are several potential advantages that come from filing FAFSA,…
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How Parents Can Help with Application Essays

For parents helping students through the college application process, the admissions essay can be a challenge. A fairly open-ended assignment, it is intended to showcase a student’s individuality and add depth to their application. Therefore, it must be a personal story that demonstrates insightful self-reflection and character. Many parents are left wondering how they can…
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