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How to Start the College Exploration Process

As juniors are watching their senior friends get their college acceptances, they may be feeling some anxiety about starting their own college exploration process. We suggest that juniors start with some self-reflection. Is there a career you’ve dreamed about?  Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what you want to do for a living or even…
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College Admissions Decisions are Here – Now What?

Spring of senior year is an exciting, anxiety-ridden time for students waiting for college admissions decisions. Deferrals and non-admits are disappointing, seeing fellow students get accepted results in mixed feelings, and waiting for your own results is just plain hard.  On top of that, seniors still have to keep up their grades while they are…
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What About Summer?

Gone are the days when teens spent their summers just relaxing – if you are a college-bound high school student, how you spend your summers, and other breaks from school, could have an impact on your college admissions. Admissions officers consider each applicants’ activities outside of the classroom to better understand their passions and character, and…
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How Parents Can Support Seniors with Applications

It’s September, which means application season and school are officially in full swing! In light of this, I wanted to share ideas for how parents can help students during the coming months. College applications can be work intensive and stressful, but with a team of supporters, students will come out stronger and more mature on…
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A Math Professor Takes the SAT

I’d like to share a fascinating article from Forbes.com. Steven Salzberg is a professor of Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, and Biostatistics at Johns Hopkins University. He took the SAT along with his daughter, and his observations about it are very revealing. As a person whose job involves high level math skills, Salzburg should be a good judge of how well the…
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Grandparents Helping with College: A Word of Caution

I often work with students who have a grandparent (or other relative) who has saved money in a 529 or other account to help pay for college. If you are one of these lucky students (or their parent), you are fortunate! But it’s also important to know that grandparent’s money can harm your chances for…
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Advice College Admissions Officers Give their Own Kids

Who better than a college admissions officer to give you advice when applying to college? Of course, if you are a teenager, and that college admissions officer happens to be your mom or dad, it may be the last person you’ll take advice from! I wanted to share this wonderful article from the New York Times…
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