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Why college visits matter – and which are worth your time

Working college visits into busy student and family schedules can no doubt be challenging. And some students may be less than enthused at the prospect of missing class or using their school breaks to spend hours trekking around college campuses with their parents. (Note: Some high schools consider college visits an excused absence. If you’re…
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High School Science Course Recommendations

Of the academic subjects students are required to take in high school, the science requirements tend to have the most flexibility. And ironically, this is one area where flexibility can actually lead to confusion! Following our blog with recommendations for math coursework, we’d like to share some  information about the science courses that high school…
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Which Math Class Should I Take?

We continue to hear from students and families who are confused regarding which math course is best to take in senior year. While students who love math will naturally choose the most challenging course available, for others it’s not so clear-cut. They fear they would struggle in a higher level math, but also don’t want…
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Advice for Students Considering Engineering

With the rapidly evolving use of technology in every aspect of our lives, pursuing a degree in engineering may seem more attractive than ever. It’s also one of the most challenging college majors to apply to, due to the rigorous coursework and activities needed to be a strong applicant. Furthermore, students must be academically strong…
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Applying to Highly Selective Colleges – What Prospective Applicants Need to Know

One indisputable trend in college admissions is that highly selective schools continue to get more selective as numbers of applications increase. In fact, Akil Bello with FairTest first coined the phrase “Highly Rejective” as an alternative to “Highly Selective,” since many of these schools pride themselves not on how they “select” students for admission, but…
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Volunteering: How to Make it Count

It’s no secret that colleges value community service, and no surprise that most competitive college applicants have done plenty of volunteering during high school. For this reason, families often seek guidance around community service. We are often asked what impresses colleges, or how much volunteering a student should do. “Should we pay for him to…
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ChatGPT: Some advice for college-bound students

Unless you have been buried under a rock, you have likely heard about ChatGPT, which stands for Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer. It’s a new artificial intelligence-based writing tool that has taken the world, and the college admissions experts, by storm. Developed by OpenAI, and currently free to experiment with, ChatGPT is a machine learning model…
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