How to Submit FAFSA to More than 10 Colleges

Financial Aid, Saving Money

It’s October, and that means it’s time for pumpkins, Early Action deadlines and …. filling out the FAFSA!

I’ve written a lot about FAFSA, but this time wanted to share a very simple tip. The FAFSA only allows users to add 10 colleges to the form – So what do you do if you are applying to more than 10?

It’s easy to do. When you first fill out the FAFSA, simply add your first 10 colleges. Be sure to include those which have the earliest deadlines. Then, finish the form and submit.

After submitting, wait until you receive your SAR (Student Aid Report). This usually takes 2-3 days and is sent by email. Then, log into FAFSA again, delete your original colleges, and add the remaining ones. Then, submit again. That’s it!

Applying to in-state public universities? If so, make sure that the first college on your FAFSA list is an in-state school. This will automatically trigger consideration for state financial aid. (If you forget to do this, its OK, you can initiate it manually later.)

And if you are a higher income family that won’t qualify for need-based aid, here are some reasons why I still recommend submitting the FAFSA.

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